About Our Company

Hayzone Trading ltd. is an exorting company supplying various South African products world-wide. The company was established in 1996 and has a presence throughout South Africa and the African continent. Hayzone Trading’s services offering Agricultural produce, Fruits and Nuts, LDPE films, Plastics, Metals, Petroleum, Minerals and other Industrial commodities and much more.

we strive to be a true business process partner to our clients. We mitigate the risks associated with exporting with clearly defined service level objectives and continuously monitor, measure and report on the risk status. We also agree on the terms of engagement at the start and at the termination of the agreement, and include the areas of handover, managing suppliers and access to information.

Our CEO has given a new dimension to our company.  He is just 48 years old, dynamic and young entrepreneur and has vast experience in the field of marketing, finance, administration, agriculture and manufacturing. He has been dealing in this business since last 18 years.

Hayzone Trading, is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are focused on production and distribution of agricultural products, Industrial Chemical and Engineering Materials. Our sales are addressed mainly to Importers.

We have up-to-date production plant and the careful selection of raw material guarantee the higher standard in the manufacturing phase. In the internal laboratory, where samples of products are checked, there is the possibility to look for and taste different quantity of samples. The company production is according to the South African and European Community sanitary measures.

Nowadays the company is supplying office stationeries, washing and treating of vegetables, olives, seeds manufacturing and pasteurization stage, packing in pet, glasses, tins and trays, Scrap Coppers and other Industrial Chemical and Engineering products.

The higher quality of products and their large variety allowed the opening of a national and international lasting market. Goods with customer’s label are also produced.

The sales are organized by a commercial network made of sale agents who address to specialized shops, wholesalers, Supermarkets, Large Distribution and Organized Large Distribution. The distribution is made through the Company’s own trucks, professional door-to-door transport Companies and International Shipping Companies.

Company Profile

Our Corporate offices are located in South Africa, well recognized as the heart of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. We are easily accessible from All Airports and Ports, and we are well connected with road and rail transport.
Chief Executive Officer
: Ryan Van Williams
Establishment Year : 1996
Primary Business Type : Exporter, Importer and Trader
Annual Sales : Export Sales $ 98,000,000
No. of Employees : 108
Market Cover : European Countries, Middle East, Far East, Gulf Countries, African Countries, USA, Canada, South American Countries & Southeast Asian Countries, Australia
Products We Offer : Rough & Polished Diamonds, Pine Wood Pellets Din Plus, Pet Flakes, Pet Bottle Scraps, Cow and Buffalo Horn, Ostrich Feathers & Ostrich Eggs, Wet & Dry Salted Hides, Big Lumps Hardwood Charcoal, Copper Wire Scrap 99.9% HSM1&2 Metal Scrap, Frozen Chicken Feet & Paws, Fruits, Nuts, most known minerals ans petroleum and much more…….